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Storms and yearlong lightning strikes can cause damaging power surges. Surges can be due to sources outside a house, like when large electrical loads are turned on and off. Disturbances can result from the routine operation of electrical machines at a nearby factory or large commercial facility, but they can also be brought on by the electric utilities protective apparatus.

SM suppression focuses its protective doctrine on a power source input, but offers nothing to protect against surges appearing between the input of an SM device and data lines, such as antennae, telephone or LAN connections, or multiple such devices cascaded and connected to the key devices. This is because they don't divert surge energy to the floor line. Data transmission requires the ground line to be clean in order to be used as a reference point. In this design philosophy, such events are already protected against by the SM device before the power supply. NIST reports that"Sending them surges down the drain of a grounding conductor only makes them reappear within a microsecond about 200 meters away on another conductor." 35 So having security on a data transmission line is only required if surges are diverted to the ground line.

Compact surge protective device to be installed adjacent to electrical supply equipment for a wide variety of commercial, industrial or institutional applications. The compact design of the XDSE enables surge suppression to be installed adjacent to electrical distribution equipment. XDSE systems are designed to offer high frequency surge suppression for a huge array of commercial, industrial or institutional applications. Square D brand XDSE apparatus may be used in a community of surge suppression applications or as a standalone surge suppressor.

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In our mission to live up to our boasts, we've employed the best electricians in King, Pierce, and Snohomish County who have years of experience under their belts. Not only do we guarantee to give you a premium service for the replacement process, but also assure the same post-sale services! Contact Rock Electric today for a quote and let us take care of all of your electrical needs.

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But, some electrical panels aren't so clear. Older panels may not reveal whether your breaker is tripped. They might be old, corroded, have inadequate contact...many things can happen within a few decades. Sometimes breakers will appear to be ON, but you have to flip the breaker into the full OFF position before you are able to see it was actually tripped.

The Joule rating number defines how much energy a MOV-based surge protector can theoretically absorb in one event, without collapse. Better protectors exceed ratings of 1,000 joules and 40,000 amperes. Since the actual length of a spike is just about 10 microseconds citation needed, the actual power dissipated in the MOV is simply 1 to 20 watts. Any more than that and the MOV will fuse, or sometimes brief and melt, ideally blowing a fuse, disconnecting itself from the circuit.

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