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Surge protectors, or surge suppressors, absorb spikes in energy due to storms and electrical power surges, safeguarding connected electronics. I've used Transworld Electric for many remodeling projects at our facility.Lamar Green was always fast in getting back with me with a quote and in a couple of emergencies, they were there the same day within a few are very professional electricians and best price on any job that they have lent me on.I will continue to use them in future.

In most countries where electronic equipment is used, the powerful AC utility voltage is 110 to 120 volts; the peak voltage is on the order of plus-or-minus 160 to 170 volts at a frequency of 60 hertz However transients, which arise from several causes, commonly reach peak levels of several hundred volts. These pulses are of short duration, measured in microseconds (units of 10 -6 second), but in that moment, they can cause hardware to malfunction. The worst type of passing occurs when lightning strikes in the area (it is not necessary for a power line to be directly hit). Such a"spike" can peak at thousands of volts and cause permanent damage to equipment.

The Tripp Lite also has double coaxial connectors so you can hook up your cable box and three phone ports (unlike Ethernet, these ports do not support high-speed net, so while you may use them to protect a landline phone, you won't be able to use them to shield network gear from damage). If you're setting up a media center with equipment that needs a coaxial or telephone connection, these extra ports are nice to have. Exactly like with AC outlets, power runs through them, so they may be affected by lightning and other types of surges For example, a spike in power via an incorrectly grounded cable line (which aren't uncommon) can ruin an unprotected cable box. Contrary to our runner-up and light-duty picks, the Tripp Lite does not have any USB ports. But since this type of surge protector is commonly out of reach (behind a couch or desk) and is designed for much more heavy-duty usage, we don't think USB ports are all that significant.

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Customers have been extremely satisfied with the price and the operation of this LED bulb. Many have said it provides a nice soft light, and it perfectly emulates an incandescent bulb. While some reviewers have complained about a slight buzzing sound when the light is turned on and how it doesn't last quite as long as more expensive LED bulbs, it gets the job done at a very reasonable price.

Perhaps you have noticed that if a toy's motor gets very hot it smells? This is the insulating material vaporizing. Heat breaks down all kinds of insulation , and at a motor winding when the insulation gets weak enough two wires side by side will short, this causes and arc and the system burns out.

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In an older electric panel, your fuse blows once the panel has too much power. Newer systems cause the circuit breaker to flip into the off position to prevent the wires from melting. If the system isn't functioning properly, then you and your family face unnecessary risks to your health and safety. It causes a fire hazard. By upgrading to a 200 amp panel, your system is better able to deal with the needs of a modern lifestyle.

There have been no new Zinsco panels fabricated since the mid-1970s. Design defects were discovered in them that could cause the circuit breakers to melt until they no longer functioned. Another issue comes in the capacity of circuit breakers to seem tripped off whenever they are still allowing power to flow through the circuit. These electrical panels are not safe, and present serious shock and fire hazard. To learn more on the dangers of Zinsco electrical panels, click here. If you think you may have a Zinsco electrical pane, then call us now for a free consultation.

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