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Good lighting is much like a pair of shoes - get it right and everything is ramped up a notch or two. Electricity comes from power lines outside the house. These lines are connected to an electrical meter box located on the property. This box keeps track of your power usage so the electric company knows what to bill you each month. From that point, the lines connect straight to your electrical panel in which the power is controlled by circuit breakers that are designed to shut off if too much electricity surges through one. Too much power could cause safety hazards, like an electrical fire.

Back to the panel interior; behind the dead front panel, the two rows of branch circuit breakers mount onto two hot bus bars, which get electricity through the primary breaker. All of the"hot" wires in the circuits connect to the breakers, and the breakers connect into the bus bars that are hot. The breaker panel also has a neutral bus bar and usually a separate grounding bar. The neutral circuit wires connect to the neutral bus bar and the ground wires to the grounding bar. From the grounding bar, a heavy copper wire runs outside of the panel and down into the floor, where it connects to a long copper rod driven deep into the soil. If there is a problem on any grounded circuit or in the panel, electricity can flow across the ground wires and safely into the ground via the ground pole.

Create an impactful addition with stunning ceiling lights from our most recent lighting collection From covered chandeliers to LED lights, pendants and spot lights, illuminate your space with contemporary fixtures. Perfect designs for your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, explore sleek designs and rustic designs for the ceilings. Find on-trend flush ceiling lights and opulent lights in chrome, brass and gold for your home.

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It may not be much of a looker, but Tripp's Lite surge protector is a beefy device capable of protecting any range of electrical appliances - even fax machines as a result of built-in RJ11 jacks and a six-foot telephone cord. It includes 12 outlets, four of which are spaced wider apart to accommodate linking multiple bulky transformers. And if you do want to flaunt the Tripp Lite for any reason (hey, who are we to judge), its keyhole supports wall mounting. Other features include diagnostic LEDs that warn when surge suppression has kicked in, and child safety covers for peace of mind.

A surge protector does much more than furnish extra outlets. It's first and foremost a safety device, a relatively affordable way to protect expensive electronics. There's little reason for anyone to leave their office, den, or home theater without one--or to hang onto old, worn-out surge protectors.

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An electrical inspection entails inspecting the house's electrical system--wiring, appliance hookups, etc.--to make sure it is up to code based on the National Electrical Code (NEC) of minimal standards. It's a fantastic idea to have this inspection done before purchasing a house or after a remodel. Check with your local building department to ask about the fees that exist in your county. Occasionally more than one review is necessary.

A common error is pouring water on electrical fires. If an electrical fire does happen, avoid pouring water on the fires as water will further fuel the fire and could lead to electrocution. Keep a fire extinguisher on site if you are concerned about electrical fires and use that instead of water in times of emergency. If you do not have one nearby, turn off your electrical power, evacuate your home and call the fire brigade.

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