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Surge Arresters for MV Medium Voltage systems. The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division, gifts Licensee Lookup information as a service to the public. The Division relies upon information provided by licensees to be true and correct, as required by statute. It's an act of unprofessional conduct for a licensee knowingly to provide erroneous information to the Division.

In many countries where electronic equipment is used, the effective AC utility voltage is 110 to 120 volts; the peak voltage is on the order of plus-or-minus 160 to 170 volts at a frequency of 60 hertz However transients, which arise from various causes, commonly reach peak levels of several hundred volts. These pulses are of short duration, measured in microseconds (units of 10 -6 second), but at that moment, they can lead to hardware to malfunction. The worst type of transient occurs when lightning strikes in the vicinity (it isn't necessary for a power line to be directly hit). This type of"spike" can peak at thousands of volts and cause irreversible damage to equipment.

The main circuit breaker also identifies the complete amperage capacity of the service panel and will have a number on it identifying its amp capacity, such as 100, 150, or 200. The standard for new panels today is 200 amps, but panels can have an even greater capacity.

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An easy surge protection is essentially a metal oxide varistor (MOV) across the input line of an electrical equipment--generally a single element only in certain gear. This may either be an MOV or a TVS diode. For universal 90V AC - 264V AC line, usual MOV voltage rating is 300V rms.

Standard electrical cable is intended to be run inside, where it stays dry and is protected by ceiling, wall, or floor structures. For outdoor projects or when conducting wiring underground, you need to use direct burial cable, which can be installed underground with or without conduit (depending on local building code rules). With direct burial cable, the individual conducting wires are embedded in solid vinyl to fully protect them from moisture.

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In an older electric panel, your fuse blows when the panel has too much power. Newer systems cause the circuit breaker to reverse into the off position to prevent the cables from melting. If the system is not working correctly, then you and your loved ones face unnecessary risks to your health and safety. It causes a fire hazard. By upgrading to a 200 amp panel, your system is better able to deal with the needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

The Joule rating number defines how much energy a MOV-based surge protector can theoretically absorb in one event, without collapse. Better protectors exceed ratings of 1,000 joules and 40,000 amperes. Since the actual duration of a spike is just about 10 microseconds citation needed, the actual power dissipated from the MOV is only 1 to 20 watts. Any more than that and the MOV will fuse, or sometimes short and melt, hopefully blowing a fuse, disconnecting itself from the circuit.

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